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The Quilled Garden sells garden and nature themed paper and fine silver quilling at artist/craft fairs in the Delaware and Maryland area.  The  paper merchandise includes framed art, frameable cards, kits, window hangings, and ornaments from paper.  The fine silver merchandise includes earrings and pendants.  A few fine silver bezel set cabs are available for purchase

Why are the pieces garden inspired? Historically quilling was flowers and scrolls.  Since the artist loves her garden and gardening, quilling was a perfect medium for her. There is so much life in the garden...birds, reptiles, flowers, bees, and animals.  These all provide  inspiration and learning/teaching moments, as well as quiet times to just veg out and enjoy nature.


Please come and visit with the artist at one of the upcoming events.  She will be happy to show you her work, how quilling is done,  and answer any questions you have.


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